Chemical Kinetics

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Entropy is a key term in physics and it can also be applied to other fields such as chemistry, economics, […]

Imagine riding a convertible car with the wind hitting you in the face. It is undoubtedly exhilarating and makes us […]

The word thermodynamics was coined in 1749 by William Thomson. This branch of physics revolves around the ideas of heat […]

Higgs Boson is an elusive particle that physicists knew existed but took 5 decades to discover. It is one of […]

The universe has existed for billions of years, and since then, humankind hasn’t been able to resolve its mysteries. So […]

Quantum physics is perhaps one of the most intimidating areas of physics. Most of its ideas are incomprehensible to ordinary […]

We define reality based on everyday experiences. However, wave-particle duality is so bizarre that it makes us re-think our shared […]

Understanding Einstein’s theory of relativity can be quite enigmatic. However, going back and starting from Einstein’s original paper from 1905 […]

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