Chemical Kinetics

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Most of us do not take rocks seriously. But after studying them and knowing what purpose they hold you will […]

Did you know ten percent of the land on Earth comprises glaciers? Well, first let us talk about our topic. […]

Many years ago scientists thought that continents drifted apart, and this was known as continental drift. The scientist Alfred Wegener […]

The Earth behaves like one huge magnet. As evidenced by the visible effects of the Earth’s magnetic field on a […]

These plates are a crucial part of the earth and you will find your answer to that in this post. […]

Occurs over billions of years, weathering, erosion, and deposition are certain processes that act together to wear down and make […]

Understanding what lies underneath the earth’s surface might be difficult for so many because it is beyond direct observation. However, […]

You may have heard about the dead sea very often. The dead sea is a concept that is unusual for […]

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